Public Construction

Construction of the Integration Kindergarten with 10 divisions in Pomiechówek

The investment involves the construction of a passive building with an energy verification index of 15KWh/m2/year. It is a building with two floors above ground and one underground. The scope of work includes demolition of the old kindergarten, mechanical excavation, foundations, strip and pad footing, reinforced concrete and brick structures, traditional flat roof and intensively green flat roof on the roof membrane, aluminum joinery, glass facade, interior finishing works, composite elevation, networks and systems in electrical and sanitary industry, solar installation, comprehensive furnishing of the facility, landscaping and preparing playgrounds.

Teaching Building No. 15 at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw

The investment involving the inside reconstruction of the existing, four-storey building, construction of a technical attic and a vertical communication space. There was made a full range of plumbing and electrical installations, finishing works, furnishing of the facility and there was obtained a permit for use on behalf of the investor.

Primary School No. 231 in Warsaw under the name of General Mariusz Zaruski in Warsaw

Construction works connected with the extension of the existing school with a part designed for younger children and improving learning conditions for older children. The facility is made in the traditional technology with the use of containers. As a part of the investment there were made new plumbing and electrical installations, finishing works, land equipment and development.

Branch of the Centre for the Promotion of Culture in Warsaw

Construction of the building for a branch of the Centre for the Promotion of Culture in Warsaw at the intersection of Paryska, Brukselska and Wersalska streets. It is a three-storey building, with semi-basement, with a flat roof functioning as a terrace in the form of an amphitheater, where there is also a summer cafe. Besides the chambers of art galleries, cafes, meeting rooms and a ballroom, the building also includes a cinema hall with a professional sound and lighting system for a hundred and fifty people. The building is characterized by the use of materials with very high quality.

Specialized Community Health Centre with Hospital Ward Section in Warsaw

Investment involving construction of a new community health center building with connection to all necessary media networks in Włochy, district of Warsaw. The building, with the capacity of 10 000 patients, is composed of two three-storey perpendicular wings with full basement. Health center offers patient rooms as well as consulting rooms and laboratories for internists, educationalist and other experts in many different fields of medicine.

Investment required from our company meeting the highest quality standards obligatory for medical and hospital facilities. Community Health Center in Włochy has been declared the biggest medical investment in Warsaw in years.

Sports Hall at the School Complex of Pomiechówek

The construction of a sports hall with hygienic and sanitary facilities, connector to the existing school building and land development in Pomiechowek. The implementation of the project in the active primary and secondary school. The building structure was made of elements of laminated wood coated with sandwich panels with polyurethane core. The hall in its cubature includes hygienic and sanitary rooms, storages, locker rooms, gyms, teacher’s room and a fitness room. Next to the new facility was created a full-size artificial grass pitch and a running track with a polyurethane surface. The whole hall was comprehensively equipped with sports and gym equipment.

Sports Hall with the playing fields complex for the Middle School No. 121 under the name of Wojciech Zawadzki in Warsaw


Sports Hall at the School Complex in Halinow

Implementation of the new sports hall facility, new teaching rooms, new sanitary and social facilities in the kindergarten, primary school under the name of Kornel Makuszynski and middle school in Halinow. The building structure is made of glued wood and reinforced concrete elements covered with sandwich panels. The works were conducted in an active educational unit.

Nursing Home “Forest” in Warsaw

Development of the existing facility in Warsaw. As part of the expansion, in four buildings were made new bathroom facilities and new rooms for day care of the mentally ill. After the expansion, the facility is able to accept nearly 200 people in need of specialized care.

Gym in the School Complex in Legionowo

Construction of the new sports hall and facilities along with land development for the needs of the School Complex in Legionowo at Zegrzynska Street. The works were carried out in an active educational facility.

Building for Services and Residential Purposes in Wysokie Mazowieckie

Adaptation of a dormitory building into a building for services and residential purposes with technical infrastructure, parking lots and garages in Wysokie Mazowieckie.

Complex of Commercial Buildings in Warsaw

Construction of a new Flower Market and Multi-Purpose Pavilion in Warsaw at Św. Wincentego Street in place of an existing one. Thanks to the transformation, sellers received a new, better place to trade.